Creating HeArtwork One Experience at a time 
"Each Grain of sand to Each star of the Multiverse... EAch Eye Watching ThE KalEiDOScope of SOUrce"


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--- Art of Katie Rose RainbowMaker ---

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"I have a variety of media I choose to express my HeArtwork through.  I love working in the fine arts using oil painting, photography, pastels, charcoal. I consider all of my creations to be part of the healing arts and often pull subject matter from what I experience.  I love working with herbs making salves, teas and other remedies; my life is closely involved with nature and it's medicines. If I choose to manipulate clay and other earth elements, working with my hands sculpting or throwing a teapot on a potter's wheel, grounds my ideas in self healing and holistic therapies.  On top of that, I love creating HeArtwork by working with stone energy through crystal grids and making jewelry with healing purposes.  I also channel my own oracle cards and heal through awakened dreaming in the spiritworld. I practice shamanic methods, chakra balancing, colored light bathing, aura cleansing, aromatherapy, singing bowl sound healing, and house/space clearing. To learn more feel free to contact me. The journey and the experience are the best part of life and I am happy to share my visions with you.  Enjoy!"-Katie Rose